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Canadian Open at Mont-Tremblant

July 30, 2022

Robert Soroka Karting

The Canadian Open at Mont-Tremblant was back to its July scheduling after two straight years of the race taking place in September. The summer scheduling and new layout provided drivers with several challenges; the previous years, drivers could be reassured about their tires lasting because of the cool track temperature that came with racing in September.

Soroka started the weekend with solid practice sessions, which he used to get familiar with the clockwise layout, which he hadn’t driven since 2018. Then, in qualifying, he secured his second-ever Superpole Qualifying Position in 5th place but struggled to keep up with the REM drivers.

In the first heat of the weekend, Soroka wasn’t able to get any results because of engine issues. In the second heat, Soroka was able to move up from 5th to 4th in an overall uneventful race. In the first pre-final of the weekend, Soroka was driven over by an opponent, falling to 16th before he made up five positions to finish the race in 11th.

Starting the final in 15th, Soroka knew that he had the opportunity to climb through the field. Soroka started his charge through the field in the first two laps by gaining seven positions. Unfortunately, shortly after his surge, Soroka began to feel that there was an issue with his kart, and after a couple more corners, his tire rod came loose, forcing him to retire on lap four.

Although it was different from the results Soroka was looking for going into the weekend, it provided a valuable learning experience with tackling challenges outside of a driver’s control.


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